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Title: Introducing Clark
Post by: Clark Wohlert on December 30, 2014, 04:50:10 PM
hi all,

first of all i would like to thank the forum admin to create the lightscale section. it is a pleasure for us to be represented in a dedicated area with our brands LIGHTSCALE, JABBER and ROADIES.

we will try to offer you a good service here and inform you about technical spcs and news.

who what why where ?

i my self clark wohlert:

i started with radio controlled vehicles when i was about 13 years old and lost interest due to growing interest in girls :) but then with more experienced 27 years of age came back to the rc thing.
it was an fg marder in 1996 but quickly i was into the bike thing as well with a bergonzoni bike which was quite popular in the late 90s. i made my own foam tyres for it and tuned it with alot self made parts until i crashed it in lloret de mar in 2003 at a large scale meeting.

since 2008 we are producing roadies f1 tyres with which we won serveral european championships and countless national titles. with our lightscale brand we produce bodyshells, airboxes and tuning parts for large scale cars f1 and gt.

in 2011 the bike flame in me was lightened again by the thundertiger sb5 bike. i looked around and was wondering that still no ready glued tyres were availlable and as gluing tyres was one of our main business since 1999 i startet to offer pmt tyres glued on sb5 rims with the massari inserts.
soon i realized that the whole system was complicated and had do be reengeneered. the roadies tyre was born then in the early 2012 month and set a new standard for bike tyres construction.
with our lightscale brand we started to tune up the sb5 bke to the max. since the very first beginning i knew that there was no way to beat the jabber no matter what we would do with the sb5.
edi winters and my crossed in march 2012 and the idea was born to produce the jabber. it took a while to figure out the details but since the june 2013 the jabber is availalble.

that is only a rough and short summ up. i do not like to bore you with all the details :)

so here i am, ready to assist you with technical advise, setup help, trouble shoot and happy to receive your feedback.

lets get it startet.

Title: Re: Introducing Clark
Post by: jimlee on December 30, 2014, 07:46:34 PM
Welcome Clark.......:)
Have to say that as one of the growing band of Jabber owners over here in Norn Iron, you have been brilliant with your advice via emails and Messages on Facebook about building (not that there's much) and setup.....👍
Can't wait to get my 2011 to Craigavon for it's first run.....

Title: Re: Introducing Clark
Post by: Clark Wohlert on December 31, 2014, 07:40:39 AM
hi jim,

thanks for the compliment. it was a pleasure for me. now we can collect all those questions here in the forum and the whole group will take a profite from any issue raised.

beeing in close contact with simon as well i realize theat the track and conditions in the uk and irelend are quite different from those down here and we must consider those.

it will be a process of learning for us as well and we take the challenge.

all the questions and ideas coming in will also result in more videos that i will do and upload on my youtube channel to better explain special sections of the bike like biulding or mainain it.