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Title: 2018 Summer Series
Post by: John Veal on April 15, 2018, 06:41:29 PM
Round 1  15 April

Not a bad day today, the first round of the Halifax Summer series and racing was in full swing. It was good to see Derek and Ian McLarney back at the track and along with Alan Leighton and myself, I thought we had a heat of 4 bikes. However, Ian had only come to play 1/8 cars for the day, but 3 bikes is enough for a heat and bit of fun. Although the forecast wasn't too good, it at least stayed dry until the final. Qualifying had Derek and me struggling to get on Alan's pace, that bike of his is so planted! My excuses included a broken belt, engine out of tune and glowstart falling to bits in the final. Derek had GRP M3s which although soft, didn't seem to hook up on the cool track when it was dry and didn't work at all when the drizzle came down just before the final. Can't take anything away from Alan though, with fast consistent laps and no mistakes in qualifying, pole was expected and easily achieved. The track for the final was actually on that very greasy verge of being just damp, which caused a few front washouts, even with long bars suited for the wet. However, our lap times looked a lot better than those of the Gt8 class, racing in the same conditions!
Overall result 1. Alan Leighton  2. John Veal   3. Derek McLarney.

Title: Re: 2018 Summer Series
Post by: John Veal on May 02, 2018, 08:03:27 AM
Round 2 this Sunday 6th.
We already have enough for a heat of bikes, so just turn up if interested. Or book in online http://halifaxtrack.co.uk/booking/
All welcome, any bike class, member or not.

Title: Re: 2018 Summer Series
Post by: John Veal on May 06, 2018, 07:37:07 PM

Round 2  6 May

What a lovely sunny day today, everything was hot, 35 racers, the pace, the track, the women.
Again a mixed class of 3 nitro and 1 electric for the bike heat. All three nitro bikes were RGs, the 2 newest (Ken's and John's) were having the first proper run with timing, both with tight engines and both pilots having to adapt to the slightly different driving technique over the previous version. Although feeling fast and turning well in the corners, the lap times didn't quite match the expectations. I feel we have a little way to go yet, to get the best from these beauties.
However, the super quick PCR 18 driven by Alan Leighton was just in another league. Alan was again able to dominate qualifying, despite John leaning his engine out for more speed in rd 3. Ken was 3rd, Alan W 4th.
To the 10 min final - we normally circulate for a minute or 2 warming the engines until we get close enough together for Bev to start the countdown. Which almost happened, but the start beep went just after Alan and John crossed the loop, resulting in a possible full lap before we started counting. John took the cut, Alan didn't, took another lap or so before we got back together and could say the final had started! We will have to change the final start procedure for mixed bikes at some point, bit of a disaster today.
Anyway, Alan took advantage straight off and quickly put a gap between him and John, who tried to hard to catch up resulting in missed apexes and occasional off  track excursions. He just had to let Alan go.. Ken got a steady 3rd and Alan W a dns due to the annoying phenomenon of an unwinding RG clutch (also experienced earlier by Ken).  So well done Alan Leighton for another win and max points so far for the club championship trophy.

Next club day is 10 June, 1 week before the Halifax National. Good day to get setup for the National. Hint Hint.

Title: Re: 2018 Summer Series
Post by: Karl Boak on May 09, 2018, 03:15:33 PM
Nice write up JV, interesting the new RG needs a bit of getting use too, i'm guessing its the clutch bite???

I've been looking at Motorradshop at the clutch and the shoes seem to be held in by 2 pins each, which in my mind means they can't pivot but can only flex due to the centrifugal forces???

EVO 6 Clutch:-

EVO 6 Clutch Shoes:-

I guess you've had no need to strip yours down yet John but it'd be interesting to know whats going on in there?  ???


Title: Re: 2018 Summer Series
Post by: John Veal on May 09, 2018, 07:24:53 PM
(https://farm1.staticflickr.com/964/42001011971_0427597ce6_h.jpg) (https://flic.kr/p/26ZuayP)cluch rg6 (https://flic.kr/p/26ZuayP) by John Veal (https://www.flickr.com/photos/140134341@N03/), on Flickr

This is Ken's after it unwound itself :-\

Title: Re: 2018 Summer Series
Post by: John Veal on May 09, 2018, 07:26:49 PM
It must be the latest one, those pics on Gregor's site are of the older one