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Title: Fijon FJ918
Post by: John Veal on May 26, 2018, 04:07:42 PM
With all the good 1/8 bikes out there at the moment, I thought a short (good/bad) report on the one I used at Cotswold might be good.

Fijon FJ918 (Deantech kit to build) Around 170 on the cheap sites - Banggood etc.

The kit is very nice to put together and very solid, no hint of twist anywhere.
I had a Vampire 2000mah hardcase lipo, but this would not fit in the holder without a bit of front hack sawing. Well worth doing though to get a decent and legal battery in.
This bike is surprisingly nice and very easy to drive. I had a lot of fun with it at Cotswold, even though the 7600kv brushless I fitted was way over the top and overheated after 3 laps on standard (belt) gearing! Borrowed a 4 pole 5500kv? from Gary Sims and it was much better, heat wise, although a tad slower on the straight. I found a 6600kv motor with heat sink which is next on the test list.
One down side with this bike, I had to buy different wheels as GRP R2s won't fit on the standard white kit wheels.
I got these - Upgrade wheels - https://www.ebay.ca/itm/273103336668
I also got some GRP wheel weights which needed a tad cutting off to fit in these wheels and holes drilling for the screws. 2 on each wheel makes it incredibly stable, have yet to test with no weights.
That front brake is very good, stoppies with ease at first, then backed off until that nice balanced feel was achieved.
Forks are good quality, smooth and reasonably damped.
The rear shock always seemed to feel stiff and not work so well over the bumps, so I removed the shock limiter and positioned the shock in the swingarm higher holes - much better.
To do;
make 4 scratch bar holders to do away with nasty stabiliser wheels
Source different size belts and pulleys to tune the gearing (or convert to spur and pinion)
Source a different body kit as I'm sure this is the styrene-easy-crack stuff (although not yet damaged after a days testing).

Once the fixes have been done this bike feels as quick or quicker than the 1/5ths.


Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: Fred Martin on May 26, 2018, 07:42:39 PM
John let me have a go with the Fijon FJ918 Friday evening at Cotswold.
I have not driven a bike for some time, but it was so easy to drive stable and predictable, I soon got into it.

Fred M

Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: John Veal on June 01, 2018, 07:32:31 PM
Yes it was nice to see you driving a bike again Fred. I still miss our little battles.

Update on this bike;
Fitted some old scratchbar holders bored out to 4.5mm and bought plenty of 4mm nylon 66 rod.
After finding the rear shock stiff again I realised I'd put the rear shock rod spacers in the wrong sides, causing a bit of binding. It's much better after fixing this. Still needs softer oil to match the spring though.
Had a lot of fun at Halifax with this bike, cornering is great, tyres perfect, brakes are superb and finally got to dump the battery without overheating. it handles the ripples well, BUT, the undulations on the left side half way down the back straight cause it to go into a terminal weave / tankslapper thing. Happened twice, second time the quality of the fairing was left in no doubt - crap. Also snapped a white body holder (looks 3d printed).

Still got to source a decent lexan body for it and make some better body holders (delrin?)

Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: Steve Leake on June 04, 2018, 11:24:19 AM
JV - Maybe offer up the X-Rider/HobbyKing body work and see it that will fit?

Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: John Veal on June 04, 2018, 10:03:08 PM
If someone comes to Halifax with one (hint hint Steve😉), I would like to see if it will fit. Other option is the RG stuff I guess.

Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: JJ on June 12, 2018, 06:30:36 AM
I will bring my HK390 (x-rider mars) John. I can only make Sunday, but will be coming with nitrobike

Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: John Veal on June 12, 2018, 07:50:07 AM
Thanks Martin. Will see you on Sunday.

Update on the motor front, changed to a 4400kv 380 motor with a shaft that actually fits the pulley and a quick test at Halifax after the club racing showed it to be the best so far. Running with Alan's stock bike, speed on the back straight was comparable and similar lap times, if a little slower.  A few small wheelies were noticeable pulling out of the hairpin, but not wild.

TrackStar 380 Sensorless Brushless Motor 4400KV from Hobbyking

Title: Re: Fijon FJ918
Post by: John Veal on October 21, 2018, 06:37:34 PM
The Fijon has now done quite a few Halifax club days and is still a joy to drive.
There are now 2 of these bikes at the Halifax club, with a 3rd 'on the way'
1/8 lap record so far is 25.69.
I don't think it will last long..