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Author Topic: Project Newbie  (Read 16874 times)


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Re: Project Newbie
« Reply #60 on: August 06, 2012, 07:03:56 PM »
I saw your results Tony, didn't think it would take many laps for you to be on the pace :)

I was showing a family friend (who dabbles with RTR helis) the will-it-wheelie vid over the weekend, he was fascinated and didn't realise rc bikes were even available.

TTn's used to be sold in Modelzone, ideal location for non-enthusiasts, but the problem there is the staff often don't know how to help when the customer can't get their new purchase working. Having tried to promote local clubs through those shops before, they're often not that interested beyond the sale either. I guess it depends on whether the manager is a racer as well or not.

Tamiya used to do excellent promo videos that were shown in Beatties and the bigger toy shops, always had a crowd of eager dads and lads drooling over whatever the latest release was! That was before x-box/play station though... :(
Scott Adderson
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