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Author Topic: Some info/new for members  (Read 1968 times)


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Some info/new for members
« on: March 18, 2014, 08:45:42 PM »
Lately the BRCA have changed the way they hold hold small meetings Non AGM meetings basically, They divided these into 2 half now one meeting about how to deal with paper work and one for the racing side of thing.  Nothing that been discussed has any real bearing on us as a section apart I have to fill in a risk assessment form for every meeting and lipo bags will have to be used like we do at the moment Cough cough.... Have a read of part of the email which was sent, last part intresting for us and I need to look into how to take advantage of this for us. There a meeting in may I will attent just to be nosy really and make sure were not being kept out the loop.

1.A risk assessment for all our events and meetings. This may become a standard form for all sections to use.

The information must have an Emergency contact phone number of the person responsible for the meeting and the racers.

Also the nearest hospital to safe guard our members.

A lot of the info the tracks should already have in place for us to use.

Hi Vis for marshals to be worn at all meetings including club level.

Lipo sacks to used at all times, even starter boxes if lipo’s are being used.

A drivers briefing must take place before the start of all racing to the members.   

On a lighter note, we have been given by the BRCA a budget of up too £50 per National to place an advert in a local paper of our event in that area.

This will be paid upon receipt of the advert submitted to the BRCA treasurer into our section account. This is to promote our section at the meetings.

Also, all event details/results and race reports will need to be posted on the BRCA website in full as a section.