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Author Topic: RC Bike Warm Up 2015, Valencia, Spain!  (Read 2705 times)


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RC Bike Warm Up 2015, Valencia, Spain!
« on: May 12, 2015, 08:55:12 PM »
An incredible Warm Up!!!

The story is 1000% true!
Read on and have a laugh!
Be prepared: Itís veeeeeeery long!
(As usual!)

Wednesday night, before leaving for the Warm Up, a few friends called and asked me and my wife to join them at a local tavern with live music. We thought it would be for a couple of hours, but we ended to get back at home around 2.30 am!
I had an one hour nap, and then left for the airport, taking my friend Vasilis on the way there. Our flight left at 6 am.
The flight was for Rome, Italy, then two hours later we should get the flight to Valencia. That was the schedule, anyway!
But you know how it goes: When people make plans, God laughs at them!
We fly to Rome, (two hours sleep on the plane. Nice!) and as soon as we land in Rome, all hell breaks loose!
Thereís a fire at an airport terminal and the whole Fumicino airport shuts down. Thousands of people, lots of bags, no shouting from anyone, everyone keeps calm, and we all ask the same question: When will we leave?
Noone knows. The airport staff tell us MAYBE the flights will start again at 2 pm.
We sit outside the terminal, and since we have all our stuff with us and plenty of time, so we upack partly and decide to fix a few things on the bikes! Meanwhile, some local tv channels shoot some video of us fixing the bikes! Itís fun!
Of course itís only for a few hours.
In the afternoon, with all flights ďcancellatoĒ, by now, the airport starts to show flights on the boards again.
(Vasilis is annoying me, right now Ėon Friday morning at the track, as I write this- his bike is not going straight. Whatís wrong with it?)
OK, letís go with the adventures!
We ask around and find that our flight to Valencia is definitely cancelled, and it would happen again on Saturday afternoon. Oops!
We speak with the Alitalia help desk using our cell phone (there will be ďfunĒ when the cellphone company bill will arrive next month!) and after a lot of persuading on our part, they put us in a flight to Madrid, thatís scheduled for 21.25pm. Actually, at first they wanted us to pay an extra 400 euros for getting us on that flight! Our plan was to somehow get to Spain, and then we will find a way to go to Valencia, somehowÖ
So, eventually, we see a new flight to Madrid, scheduled at 21.25pm. Proceed to exit C. But which one of the 18 C-exits? We will see.
We find the C-exit for Madrid, stand in the line, and as soon as we arrive at the gate, they tell us this flight is NOT ours! Weíre supposed to get on the next one, at 23.00pm!
More waitingÖ And now, thereís a plastic-burning smell all over the place, which can cause you a headache, even if you are fully well feeling!
At last, at 23.00pm, we embark the Alitalia flight to Madrid.
To be honest, Iím not sure what time it left, or what time it arrived. As soon as I sat down, I slept!
We arrive at a completely empty Madrid airport, around 3.30 I thinkÖ
We have two scenaria to choose from: Rent a car and drive into the night (Iíve got all Europe maps in my Garmin motorcycle GPS) or take a train to Valencia and sleep our way there.
We choose the latter and try the train.
We realize the train station opens at 6 am, and the first train to Valencia is at 6.45.
At 5.05 am we find a bus to the train station. We ask the driver to take us there. He is adamant: I canít take you to the train station, because it opens at 6. I canít leave you there earlier. Itís not something out of the schedule, we ask. The bus stops (during daytime normal hours) at that train station. Anyway, he passes the train station and leaves us at the next bus stop, 3 kmís down the road, in the middle of Madrid!
We ask the other people who were on the bus: Better take a taxi. Itís quite far.
We cross the street, stop a hybrid Prius taxi with Alonso on the wheel. In 1.30 minutes we are at the train station!!!!
The station is closed. It opens at 6 am. We go for the ticket booth.
Two tickets to Valencia please.
Sorry! The 6.45 train is full!
OK, when is the next one?
8.30, sir, but itís full too!!!
Come back in 20 minutes. Maybe something is wrong with the computers!
Eventually, the nice lady gives us a paper, sends us to the train departures, and we enter a (basically empty!) train.
75 euros per person.
The train is good. Wide space, we stretch our legs, sleep for another two hours! It also has 220v outlets, so we charge all our laptops/tablet/phones!
The thing is very fast! Thereís a screen with a speedo: 300km/h (186mph!).
I take a pic or two, some short video and sleep again!
We arrive at Valencia. The local tarifa with an old Seat Toledo is another Alonso! In 2 minutes we are at the airport. We have done a reservation with Goldcar (since December, last year) and they canít find us. Our reservation was forÖ yesterday! They cancelled it (refunded, btw!).
We make a new one, slightly higher rates, at 25 per day, instead of 18 we had initially booked).
20 minutes later, at 10.00 am we are at the TRAAAAAACKKKKKKKKKKKKK!

The rest is history, as they say!
You know about the racing!
We finished a respectable 15th and 17th in Stock Class, if you ask.

KP09e turned to KP10e, TT FM1e, Ricky CR250, Anderson M5 Cross, TT SB-5, Venom GPV-1, Kyosho HOR (x2), Kyosho Mk1 (x3)!!! TT KT8 kart...


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Re: RC Bike Warm Up 2015, Valencia, Spain!
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2015, 08:59:42 PM »

The fast train!


The skating event right besides the track!
No wonder for my results!!!


Saturday Night Fever!


Superbikes, 4th Qual. Run


Nitro Final


Superbikes B final, 3rd race


I expect more videos from other racers to appear really soon!

Watch this space!
KP09e turned to KP10e, TT FM1e, Ricky CR250, Anderson M5 Cross, TT SB-5, Venom GPV-1, Kyosho HOR (x2), Kyosho Mk1 (x3)!!! TT KT8 kart...


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Re: RC Bike Warm Up 2015, Valencia, Spain!
« Reply #2 on: May 13, 2015, 10:09:19 AM »
Fantastic story Steliosh

Travel widens the mind for sure !!
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Re: RC Bike Warm Up 2015, Valencia, Spain!
« Reply #3 on: May 13, 2015, 04:23:38 PM »
Great report Stelios, sounds like quite a journey
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