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Author Topic: 2017 motor rules clarification  (Read 2142 times)


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2017 motor rules clarification
« on: November 04, 2016, 10:07:39 PM »
Hi all,

For 2017, we've tried to do a sensible compromise that allows folks to run what they currently have, but also help to attract newbies in from other formulas who already run EB-approved motors.

Unfortunately, there's been incidences of cheating in 17.5 cars this year, so naturally to newbies, our 'relaxed' rules appear to be open to abuse, particularly if further Outlaw motors get developed.

We know it's not an issue with the current racers: our gentleman's agreements work well, for which I thank you all, but we're caught between a rock and a hard place when trying to encourage new blood.

The intention is to run all 17.5's together in quallies anyway, then have separate class finals as necessary to keep the championship placing fair.

So, in summary:

Stock no longer uses rear wheel size to determine Moto2 or 3 - either chassis can be used in either class.
Moto2: 2016 motor rules, i.e. any commercially available 17.5 may be used, so no changes.
Moto3: Any BRCA approved 17.5 motor may be used, for those that wish to run to a more closely defined spec.

We can review status at the end of the year and tweak again at our newly approved EGM.

Thanks for your understanding, let's work together to keep the racing close and friendly for another year!

Scott Adderson
M3R-16 / Anderson M5-X / X-Rider