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Author Topic: Bike History  (Read 522 times)

Roy Davies

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Bike History
« on: December 07, 2018, 12:35:15 PM »
I’m looking to generate a Timeline Document for the RC Bike Page on the BRCA Website.

There is a substantial amount of information on here and I will try and review and include this but if you have any specific items which you think worthy of addition, please post to this topic.

It will take several months to generate so please be patient. I will post a draft as we progress.

Thanks in advance

Roy Davies

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  • Roy Davies
Re: Bike History
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2018, 07:37:04 PM »
Please find below the first draft from information gathered to date.

If you spot an error or remember key points please post below.

Bike History in the UK

Radio Control Bikes have been around since the early 1980’s; those early generations of bikes used weight transfer of the rider figure to encourage the bike to turn. Forward motion of the model was essential to keep the bike upright using the centrifugal effect of the wheels with some bikes boasting Centrifuges mounted in the rear wheel.

Whilst this satisfied the principle of two wheel racing, the accuracy of turn and ability to navigate race circuits was limited, requiring a high levels of skill.

The next development to dramatically improve drivability and thereby encourage racing was the introduction of “direct steering”. This system introduced a servo connected direct to the from fork yoke, this improved drivability also negated the need for a centrifuge which when removed helped corner speed.

Bike development and refinement has continued over the years but in essence have stayed true to those early year creations

Bike racing in the UK started around 2000, initially in the North of England. Skipton Club (sadly now closed) being the source of most things Bike.

In 2002 we were invited in to join the Racer Magazine supported Series for Large Scale Cars which resulted invite to join as a Sub-Section of the BRCA Large Scale in 2003.

Steady growth of bike racers continued over over the next few years resulting in the formation of the BRCA Bike Section in 2006. The close links generated in those early years are still maintained to this date.

From those early years Bike Racers from the UK have regularly competed at European and World level, regularly appearing on the podium.

Bikes are regularly raced around the UK, from Halifax in the North of England, through Cotswold to Aldershot in the South of England and Craigavon in Northern Ireland.

No history for Bikes would be complete without the mention of one person; Dez Chand. Dez will always be known as “Mr Bike”, no one person will come close to the time, effort and enthusiasm Dez put in to promote Bike racing both home and abroad; having lots of fun whilst doing it. Sadly no longer with use, he was the reason why a lot of us race today, we can only hope his nature has rubbed off on those racing today that will convince the next generation of racers to join us.

General Time Line


1988 North West Bike Club, Colin McCabe, Skipton, Bikerstaffe. 1/8 Kyosho
Running at various full scale race meetings, Donington, etc



2000/02 Craigavon, Northern Ireland – first started running 1/5th Scale Bikes, died after a couple of seasons to be resurrected in 2007/8 starting annual Club Championships which continue today. Has held BRCA National rounds for several years.

2001 Skipton Club started which was principally 1/5th Bikes
2002/03 Bikes invited to join the “Racer Series” for Large Scales cars.
2003 Formed Sub-Section of Large Scale.
2006 BRCA Bike Section formed as a stand alone section of the BRCA.


World Championship Rounds held since 2006

2006 Inaugural World Championship held at Brookland
2006 Aldershot started racing 1/5th
2007 World Championship held in Italy
2008 World Championship held in Spain
2009 World Championship held in Liepzig Germany
2010 World Championship held in Grenoble France
2011 World Championship held in Barcelona Spain
2012 World Championship held in Raab Austria
2013 World Championship held in Graz Austria
2014 World Championship held in Sweden
2015 World Championship held in Valencia Spain
2016 World Championship held in Liepzig Germany
2017 World Championship held in Bologna, Italy
2018 World Championship held in Macon, France